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If the eyes are the window to the soul,
Then the mouth is the window to true optimum health.

If you think sleeping poorly at night just means feeling tired the next day, you’re in for quite an awakening. Sleep apnea―the most severe type of sleep-disordered breathing―is a major cause of a multitude of health issues and diseases, stemming from a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream. Fortunately, this problem may be easily solved with help from…your dentist? That’s right. In Stop the Snore! Dental Solutions for Healthy Sleep, Dr. Gene Sambataro, DDS―a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine―delves into the world of dentistry and oral health care that can lessen or prevent sleep apnea. By explaining with easy-to-understand science, Dr. Sambataro gets to the root of your tiresome troubles. Within these pages you will find the reasons you have sleep apnea, as well as the dental solutions you need to lay them to rest. From recognizing you have sleep apnea and having it diagnosed to finding a comprehensive dental care provider for you, this book is filled with Dr. Sambataro’s knowledge and expertise to answer all your questions. Now it’s yours for the taking. It’s time to put your sleep issues to bed and enjoy your life!

This statement reflects the primary focus of biological dentistry, And – Julian Center is the Premier Biological Dental Practice.

Dr. Gene Sambataro, Dr. Emily Meltzer and Dr. Kristen Graham at the Julian Center for Comprehensive Dentistry are passionate about your oral health and overall health.

This is NOT your father’s dental practice. The minute you walk into our office, you will notice that we are unique. From being greeted by our friendly team of professionals, to the vast array of leading-edge equipment and procedures, to the modern, relaxing and home-like atmosphere… Our commitment is to treat you the same way we treat our own families - with concern, commitment and compassion.

Instead of simply focusing on decayed or broken teeth, we offer treatment for all of you – body, mind and spirit. We do this because we know that you can’t heal the mouth without creating a healthier body – and, you can’t heal the body without creating a healthier mouth.

So, if you want a beautiful, healthy smile and exceptional health, call or visit Julian Center today. You’ll be glad you did.

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Our patients know that we care about them and that we do what we say we will do.

Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. We look forward to serving you and your entire family.

Our Mission Statement

The Julian Center is committed to educating patients on the importance of comprehensive dental care and the link between systemic and oral health by combining nutrition counseling and a holistic approach that is kind to the body and free from toxins. We strive to raise the bar everyday for all other dental practices. Our passion for blending state of the art technology with the highest level of skill and compassion is our priority. We consider every patient’s individual needs and desires as we guide them to optimal health.

In order to meet our goals, we follow these principles:

  1. We practice dentistry wisely, serving our patients with skill and compassion
  2. We will always offer the most advanced techniques, technologies and materials
  3. We will continually advance our knowledge and expertise in all areas of dentistry
  4. We will maintain an atmosphere of enthusiasm, where we care for our patients and one another, and are unwavering in our commitment to excellence in dentistry